Ric Jedrziewski as principal of Jedrziewski Designs and previously with Miller & Jedrziewski Associates, has been providing Interior Design and Food Facilities Design services for nearly 30 years. This background provides Jedrziewski Designs with extensive experience in the design, development and execution of complex interior design and food facilities projects for both new and remodeled facilities.  Ric has been the principal Food Facility and Interior Designer on a variety of challenging and complex projects. The individual design approach that Ric takes towards every project along with the accurate and complete contract documents allows for the development of innovative and creative solutions unique for each facility that is consistently within budget and completed on schedule.

Interior Design Magazine – Hospitality Giants, Ranked Since 1990
Home of the Year; Home Magazine 1992
Education Design Showcase – 2009 Honorable Mention Winner, Mountain Green Elementary School
Education Design Showcase – 2009 Honorable Mention Winner, Park City High School
Intermountain Contractor Best of Awards – 2008 Sports and Recreation, BSU Stuecke Sky Club
Intermountain Contractor Best of Awards – 2008 Small Project, Hogle Zoo Oasis Plaza
National A.S.I.D./Halo Lighting Design Competition – First Place, 1980

Associate Instructor Salt Lake Community College

Hospitality Design Magazine
Home Magazine
Better Homes and Gardens; Kitchen and Baths
Better Homes and Gardens; Design Ideas
LDB Interior Textiles
Kitchen Ink Magazine

University of Connecticut
Bachelor of Science – Interior Design and Resource Management, Cum Laude, 1980
United States Air Force Academy, 1976